A word in advance.


From where the name Egidius?


After years of research work, I can trace my family tree in 2014.,

The pedigree of family Caudron - Spanoghe, this goes back to 1565.

We come from France, specifically from the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardy.

Egidius Caudron was the third child of Guillilmus & Catherine Caudron - Spanoghe.


Egidius Caudron was born in 1595, married to Judoca Hendrickx in 1617, and together they had 13 offspring.


Egidius Caudron was Meier (Mayuer) van Moorsel-Chapter and mayor Moorsel-Land of Aalst.  He lived in 1636 at the Plaetse in the Land of Dendermonde.


I therefore obsolete our name meaning, and this means:

Tinker, boiler repair, boiler blacksmith.

Hence the three boilers in the arms.  This does not only refer to our name, but also because there are three types of hops used in the brewing of our beers.


Since we have a circle of friends who founded a Beer Club and soon themselves began to brew beer, and also participated hobby beers at the beer contest Brouwland, there had to be a name to be chosen.  The Egidius name soon came to the fore.


In December 2014 we brewed the Egidius Tripel can thus be used to participate in the beer contest Brouwland 2015.  In that game we got a nice 8th place (80,25/100).  In the same game, we were also 1st  of East - Flanders in 2015.

Then the search began to let Egidius Tripel brewing and to commercialize it.  In the search we came across 4Pajot, making concoctions to 200 liters.  What is ultimately successful and

the "EGIDIUS TRIPLE" will be available from June 2016 in the pubs - restaurants of Denderbelle.


This beer is not only a tribute to the father of the family Caudron - Spanoghe, but also the former Mayor (early 1600) of Moorsel near Aalst.:

Egidius Caudron


Hence the name: Egidius Beers®.